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Colouring Your clothing

What is spun dyeing?

In order for the fabric in clothing to have colour, there is a process of colour dyeing that takes place during production. The traditional method of piece dyeing fabrics means that rolls of fabric are dipped into large vats of water treated with the chemicals needed for dyeing. This method often results in excess water, chemicals and energy being consumed.

This method of spun dyeing uses:-



60% LESS CO2

How does it work?

Recycled polyester is sourced from post-consumer waste, like plastic bottles and it is broken down in to smaller chips/pellets. Colour dye is added directly to these polyester chips and they then go through a heating process where they are melted and extruded to form yarns. These yarns are then woven together to  make the fabric for clothing.


The process of adding colour dye directly into the polyester chips means there is a permanency and stability to the colour. The colour won’t fade in UV light and can with stand washing up to 60°C without suffering any long term colour degradation. Therefore, spun-dyed garments benefit from what is known as excellent colour fastness.

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