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How we ended up where we're at today (& where we're going).

Vida Promotions Sustainable Merchandise
Where it all started

A tale from afar.

Vida Promotions was founded in South Africa in 1993 and we are privileged to work with businesses from all sectors. Our clients know, like and trust us and are still working with us to this day. While the South African office continues to flourish, the UK office is now concentrating on specialising in sustainable merchandise. We would love to take you with us on our sustainable journey.

What we're doing today.

Growing up in a country as beautiful as South Africa, gives you a strong sense of environmental responsibility, to both people and planet. Vida Promotions Sustainable Merchandise works towards putting right the wrongs this industry has traditionally been accused of: essentially providing a whole raft of single or minimum use plastic freebies that fill up our landfills.

How we decide what to do.

Each supplier we work with is assessed using our four point test of ethics and quality:

1 Manufacturing - Do they prioritise the care of people involved in creating the products? 

2 Origins - Are their bags, clothing and gifts made from either recycled or organic materials?

3 Recycling - Do they work efficiently to reduce and recycle waste and materials including polyesters, cotton, water, oil?

4 Lifespan - Are the goods of a high enough quality to last longer and provide reusable alternatives to traditional single use products.

What we love about our job.

The relationships with our clients are the most enjoyable part of what we do. We love being able to let them do what they do best and take the pain away.

This is our speciality and you are great at yours: we've got your back. We like to think we look after you so well that you never leave. Ask our longstanding clients!

Vida Promotions Sustainable Merchandise
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