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Plastic pens and mouse mats won't cut it anymore!

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Bags & Travel

Any type of bag from tote to bottle, rucksack, wheelie and laptop

T Shirts

All garments can be personalised with your own message or logo


We offer a variety of colours and styles to suit your brand

Hoodies & Jumpers

Sustainably produced sweatshirts and jumpers that can all be branded


Reusable water and sports drink bottles ready to personalise

Office & Writing

Ethically produced stationery ready for your branding
Vida Promotions Sustainable Merchandise
Who are we?

A bit about us.

We want to make sure that you can still promote your brand with free goodies. But more than that, we want you to promote the green credentials of your brand through the merchandise that you give provide.

Traditionally this industry has provided cheap plastic pens and clothing made in Chinese sweatshops. No more.

We know that the products you buy from us are made in factories that have a social audit (such as BSCI) or that the materials used are recycled, recyclable or organic.

The environment and the people in it have not been harmed in the production of the products we supply.
Our promise

Setting the bar for our products.

Our suppliers are carefully selected to ensure their environmental, sustainable and ethical values are on point.


By using recycled polyesters and cotton our bag, clothing and gift suppliers save thousands of litres of water.


Suppliers prioritise care of the people involved in creating their products ensuring they are ethically produced.


Products are made from either recycled or organic materials to ensure a low environmental impact.


Suppliers recycle as much as possible including polyesters, cotton, water and oil in order to provide a sustainably produced product.


Waste and materials are reused where ever feasible and the products themselves are designed to combat the war on single use plastics.


Designing and manufacturing products of the highest quality provides an increase in lifespan and number of uses, reducing waste.


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For more information on why we love our suppliers, their ethos, the materials they use and their manufacturing processes, have a read.
Vida Promotions Sustainable Merchandise
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